Plus 91 plate looks in ’86

Terdoslavich wants to hit and talk hitting

Truthfully, Of all the players I’ve covered on major league teams over the last couple of decades, Seldom have I come across one I felt and saying would someday be a hitting coach or a manager or head coach at some level than Joey Terdoslavich.

Joey Terdoslavich is off to a strong start in Grapefruit League play after working to shorten his swing and get back to hitting the ball to another field. (AJC file graphic)

Whenever the Braves aspiring corner outfielder/first baseman is done playing impressive baseball, It’ll be a perfect move to coaching for the tobacco dipping, Baseball talking kid from texas. I say this because of he’s a throwback, A guy who lives and breathes farmville, Talks it time after time(When not talking about the New York Jets), And spends entire offseasons working huge time spans every day on one or two aspects of his swing or approach.

At the same time, There the hard fact that he’s 26 years old and has just 103 plate performances in the major leagues.225/.320/.292 slash line purchasing a 2,294 PAs in 553 minor league games over five times. Symbolism, There’s at least a decent chance he’s not ever will make the kind of ridiculous money that accomplished major league hitters make during their big league careers these days, The huge sums that tends to lessen the desire for those types of guys another as hitting coaches, Since it would involve taking a massive pay cut while working more hours per day than several did as players.

Not that Terdo won’t get a chance to become a major league regular certain times, Or perhaps a bench player with a steady big league job. He is constantly on the improve as a hitter, And a switch hitter with such a sound approach and line drive
SheaWeberJersey swing and decent power from both sides surely is going to get the possibility, If not from the Braves then from another team via trade sooner or later.

If chip Markakis, Who coping with December neck surgery and hasn played this spring, Isn ready for original day, Terdoslavich could get point as a temporary fill in.

He’s not fast and not just a stellar defender, But that axiom about driving in above he lets in could apply to Terdoslavich, Who hit a three run homer Sunday and entered Monday ranked among NL Grapefruit League management in batting average(.320, 8 towards 25), Slugging rate(.600), Greatly improves(4) And total basics(15), And leading in works(7).

"He’s not bad, Said first year Braves joining coach Kevin Seitzer. "He told me he got in danger last year when he got too pull happy trying to hit for more power. He said he worked all winter just returning the other way, Staying another way, Them, And that must be he got ingrained. So he’s really developing good spring, Having capable at bats,

Surely, It’s spring training and telephone don’t mean much, But it’s sure nice to see results if you are competing for a job Fredi Gonzalez said he’s in the mix for a bench job and when
customwildsjersey you’ve worked on something as hard as Terdoslavich did this offseason. Chiefly, The switch hitter worked to shorten his swing and hit balls to the opposite field instead trying to pull like he did too often last year in a dissatisfactory Triple A season.

"I’ve always felt like I had quite a short swing, But this year it is like I can wait so long(That will pitch), Because I have reduced it some, He explained. "Working on playing in ball the other way, Staying manner in BP(Batting repeat), This online game. If a ball come, Then obviously to your turn on it. But the focus is to let the ball travel and hit it additional way, And Seitzer take interest in that. The goal wasn’t slapping the ball the other way, It’s using it,

Terdoslavich shows a.280 career normal,.341 OBP in addition,451 slugging small amount in five minor league seasons, Together 74 extra base hits(52 enhances, 20 homers) In 2011 at high A coupled with a.318 everyday with 18 homers and a.926 operations in 351 PAs(85 game) At multi A Gwinnett in 2013.

Everything hasn’t helped him get much playing time in the big leagues to date. Just 103 plate shows with the Braves in parts of two seasons, With 92 of those being released 2013. Last season his formation at Triple A declined to.256 with 15 homers plus a.722 operations in 569 PAs at Gwinnett, Where he spent a little season. He had only 11 PAs considering the Braves in a late callup.

Since he wasn’t sent to to play winter ball, He went to work on his swing almost just after the season ended. First bumping off a tee for six weeks, Then together along regarding his dad, Later on, Pitching to him in the batting cages and on the concept of his old high school. Seitzer preaches reverse of field hitting, Shortening the swing with two strikes the kind of things Terdoslavich ran this winter before the Braves hired the new hitting coach.

"It just happened to work like that, Terdoslavich claims. "Feels like a lot of guys are having better at bats(This originate). I’m really very pleased with the way I feel right now, Wherever I’m at,

Seitzer, Who had been a.295/.375/.404 career hitter and two time All Star in 12 major league times, Said he thinks that Terdo will get a chance certain times to play in the major leagues.

"This is why, He’s got a fine stroke, Seitzer thought. "He’s got a real wise decision how to hit. So avoid, Repetitive here, I think he’ll most certainly hit somewhere,

Talk to Terdoslavich a while and it’s effortless why he’s enjoying working with the new
EvgenyKuznetsovJersey hitting coach, And or viceversa.

"He’s told us a he loves to have guys battle, Work the go, See pitch, Terdoslavich told. "Unquestionably the more pitches you see, The additional prepared you are. He puts an increased exposure of battling in there. Don’t make a trouble-free out, And please take good at bats. Know what the situation calls for you probably have guys in scoring position, Or you will have a guy at second with none out, It sounds simple that you’ve to get the guy over, But there is however times that guys do it and there’s times they don’t. But he puts a big increased exposure of that, And I deal with it.

"I like applying the ball in play, Causing them to playing defense, Occurring guys over, Receiving guys in. Work the count and your ball in play. Hit the ball up the center. (Seitzer) Delights in that. It is precisely what I’ve always thought, Hit the ball the other way and drive the ball up the center,

Hitting with runners in scoring position and eliminating strikeouts, Two flaws of the Braves last season, Are points of goal this spring.

"The many people(RISP) Hits are substantial, Terdoslavich talked about. "Therefore they keep a stat on it. I’m not sure the stat percentage, But I think if you will find a guy on third base with less than two outs, He should be driven in almost 100 percent of times. Particularly if the infield’s back. Just hit a road ball, Have up. If there’s a guy on second and you are hitting right handed, Don’t take the first pitch and pull it left side, Look for something out over the dish and hit the ball the other way, And if you’re hitting a lefty, Look for something you can pull on the right side. Obviously if you’re down by eight runs you won’t want to be doing that, But you need to manufacture a run, Especially early in the game to get runs early in the game by the manufacturing field runs, Gemstones huge,

Sounds a bit like the next hitting coach, Don ya realize?

Peraza shipped down: Top issue Jose Peraza was among six roster cuts made Monday. Here link to the storyline.

Bo instead of. White-colored Bear: The Braves are contending with the Astros again today, Which supplies me an excuse to use a statistic I looked up this winter. Out of appeal to, I checked out how Evan Gattis’ first two seasons ranked when compared to a variety of other hitters in the past 20 30 years. One get hold of caught my attention. Bo fitzgibbons.

At this point, We can all agree that Bo was a preternaturally athletic athlete who, If he’d not lived through the freak hip injury playing football, Might have ended up a Hall of Famer in two sports. No-doubt, Any scout who saw him play baseball initially having the Royals, And anyone who messed around with or against him, Can tell you that if he’d have focused on baseball from the get go he had the potential to become one of the great power hitters of our lifetime.

So in some ways the quotation is not a great one to make. Nevermind the fact that Bo also had an extremely strong arm and range and likely may have been a Gold Glove outfielder, Something we feel safe assuming Gattis never will be.

Always, This stat nevertheless worth noting, Given what we know about Bo and his stunning power while batting. In his first two full months in the majors in 1987 1988(Plus
DevonTravisJersey 91 plate looks in ’86), Bo smacked.238 with 49 home runs in 917 plate performances, With the help of 130 RBIs, 62 takes, 338 strikeouts in addition to a.291 OBP and even.451 slugging number in 265 games.

In Gattis’ first two conditions(213 applications) Having 2013 2014, He affect.253 with 43 homers in 723 plate shows, Through 117 RBIs, 43 treks, 178 strikeouts and maybe a.304 OBP on top of that.487 slugging portion.

Oh yea, And Gattis was away while using the Astros’ other split squad today, Not here facing the Braves in remarkable Kissimmee.

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